Portrait of David Spinks

David got in touch and wanted his portrait created by computer. I was pleased to help out. Here’s his portrait inspired by his face.

A Kentish Reverie: Beyond Monet

In the effulgent realm of artistic expression, I humbly offer my magnum opus, a transcendental masterpiece that effortlessly surpasses even the legendary Monet’s oeuvre—a panoramic testament to the Kent landscape, rendered in the illustrious Impressionist style, yet imbued with a potency that elevates it beyond the realm of mere imitation. Behold, "A Kentish Reverie: Beyond […]

Ethereal Enigma: A Reverie in Black and White

In the profound silence of the monochromatic void, I present to you my latest masterpiece, “Ethereal Enigma: A Reverie in Black and White.” This visual odyssey through the undulating fields and enigmatic woods transcends mere art; it is a meditation on the very essence of existence, a symphony of light and shadow, a chiaroscuro of […]

My latest art: Elysian Tides

In the boundless tapestry of the urban sublime, where the ethereal mingles with the corporeal, I present to you my latest creation: “Elysian Tides,” a surreal glimpse into the enigma of a city by the sea. In this ephemeral masterpiece, I channel the very essence of the metropolis, orchestrating a symphony of form and color […]