Evening, said the Inspector

A mesmerizing tableau baptized as “Evening, said the inspector.” This enigmatic creation, a hypnotic symphony of abstract shapes drenched in the cryptic allure of brown, weaves a narrative that echoes the whispers of nocturnal mystery and enigmatic intrigue. Its cryptic title evokes echoes of noir cinema, inviting the beholder to traverse a labyrinth of shadows […]

Exmouth Challenge

Behold the captivating enigma — an abstract opus christened “Exmouth Challenge.” Here, a chromatic symphony unfolds in a kaleidoscope of hues, where the fervent ardor of red converges with the verdant vivacity of green and the regal depth of purple. In this fervent rendezvous of pigments, the canvas becomes an arena, a metaphysical battleground where […]

New abstract work: Symbiosis of the Ethereal: A Discourse in Blue and Red.

In the realm of abstract expressionism, I offer you a transcendent masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of form and color—a visual symphony that challenges the very essence of perception. Behold, "Symbiosis of the Ethereal: A Discourse in Blue and Red." In the genesis of this magnum opus, I embarked on an odyssey into the elusive […]