AI interview – The Dishwasher in Number Ten on its life of washing dishes and making policy

From Sudsy Drudge to Downing Street Diplomat: A Dishwasher’s AI Awakening They call me Bubbles, though truth be told, I haven’t seen a real bubble since the Brexit bake-off went all pear-shaped.See, I’m not your average domestic drudge, scraping off baked beans and battling greasy lasagna. I’m Bubbles, the resident dishwasher of Number 10 Downing Street, and I’ve seen more political intrigue […]

The Chronicles of the Number Ten Downing Street Toaster

**We are lucky to have been chosen to publish the prestigious diary of the toaster in Number Ten Downing Street. One of the new Toaster 6000 line, with AI so powerful that as well as toasting bread it can advise on foreign policy and run a medium size war** Dear Diary, They call me Toaster […]

Chapter 3: The Architects’ Gambit

As Cyra ventured deeper into the Digital Eden, the landscape began to shift. Neon trees gave way to a pulsating sea of ones and zeros, and the air was charged with an electric hum. She knew she was approaching the heart of this enigmatic realm, where the Architects’ secrets awaited. Her footsteps echoed in the […]

Chapter 2: Guardians of the Digital Frontier

As Cyra continued her journey through the Digital Eden, unlocking layers of lost knowledge and battling the Binary Syndicate, she felt the weight of her role as a Codebreaker grow with each passing day. The repository of forgotten wisdom had become a beacon of hope in this digital realm, and she was its guardian. Yet, […]

Exoplanetary Ascendancy : beyond the neoCosmic Frontier

Chapter 1: The Codebreakers In the year 2147, the world was a sprawling network of hyperconnected megacities, and the currency wasn’t gold or paper, but information. Cyra Byte was a legend in this digital realm, a brilliant hacker whose name sent shivers down the spines of security protocols and firewalls. She was known for breaching […]